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Creating the Botany Bay sunset shot

I had two photos that on their own had some interesting points but each where not as exiting or interesting as I wanted

First I had this shot of three birds (White Ibis I think) flying in formation - interesting but not interesting enough

_by Paul Carmona_by Paul Carmona

Then I had this shot of the Sunset from later on in the day:

_by Paul Carmona-2_by Paul Carmona-2 It's a little noisy but overall I liked it but it was lacking something. So I set about doing some experimentation.

Tacking both photos into Photoshop:
- Removed noise from both shots using Topaz Denoize
- Masked in the birds on to the sunset background using Topaz Mask and then further fine tuning by hand with just my mouse by the way.
- Once completed I ran the two image through Topaz Impressions to give it the look I needed and remove some of the harshness of the background.
- Once all the images where compiled I did some further fine tuning in Lightroom for the final image:

Sunset over Botany BaySunset over Botany BayTaken from La Perouse, Sydney I am really please with the end result.

Paul Carmona


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